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Foam-Backed Eye Protection: Don’t look at the arc!

Protect your eyes from the risk of arc flash You already knew that arc flash releases hot gas and radiant energy up to 4 times the temperature of the sun, right? Let’s ponder that for a minute. When arc flash happens, the ambient temperatures can reach 35,000° Fahrenheit. And the arc blast, or ...

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How to Choose the Right Safety Eye Wear: Bacon's Safety Tip

Evaluate the risk factors and choose the right safety eye wear! Let’s talk about those eyes. Eye injuries happen on the job somewhere close to the tune of 2,000 incidents a day in the U.S. And guess what, 40% of workers who had an eye injury at work were wearing eye protection! Well, that’s just ...

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Bacon's-Safety-Tips-C05- Slip Trip Fall Hazards - FI

Prevent These Common Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards In Your Facility

When it comes to unnecessary injuries and deaths on the job, it’s no laughing matter. Bacon takes workplace safety very seriously — especially in the case of slips, trips and falls. Did you know that slip, trip and fall incidents make up the majority of general industry accidents? That’s kind of ...

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Flammable Storage Works!: Bacon's Safety Tip

Are you storing your flammable and combustible liquids (over 25 gallons) the right way. What? There's a wrong way? Yep. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 30) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are pretty firm on how to store these hazards. Bacon is all about ...

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Eyewash Stations vs Dump Bottles at Work: Bacon's Safety Tip

You want to hear something that might make you shed a tear? OSHA just increased their penalities if you fail to comply with ANSI Z358.1-2014 by 80%. Think about that the next time you try to get by without the right eye safety systems and first aid. Think a portable dump bottle is enough? Think ...

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