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Safety isn’t something to fool around with. But that doesn't mean you need to torture yourself trying to read regulations and standards written for rocket scientists. There's a better way to keep up with the best safety practices pertaining to the hazards you face daily.

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You need practical safety solutions that don't suck.


What is a podcast anyway?

  • It's a talkshow. Well, sort of. It's just less scripted and more useful. But most importanly, a podcast is the perfect mix of education and entertainment that can be listened to on your schedule.  
  • Even on the go. No, especially on the go! You don't have time to be tied to your computer!  Download the podcast episodes directly to your smartphone to listen to while you work.
  • Listen during those jobsite commutes. Some vehicles have access directly to podcasts built into them. By the time you get to the job, you'll be ready to spread the  message to the rest of the crew and keep safety first and foremost on the minds of workers around you.


Why should I get my safety information from a podcast? 


  • Use Safety Tales to bring your crew together. Talk about safety issues in real-life terms that you can actually relate to. And more importantly ...use on the job.  
  • Safety doesn't have a reputation for being exciting. But Bacon does. It's high time to put some sizzle in your safety game.
  • Keep up with changing standards and the best new products from wherever your job takes you.



Dave and Bacon's Safety Tales brings you weekly advice, news, interviews with industry leaders and real life safety stories from people who don't write about safety for a living. They live it. Every day.

Quad City Safety has been around for almost 50 years and we know our stuff. Your host, Dave White, is a co-owner at Quad City Safety and he knows safety standards inside and out across multiple industries.


     Safety isn't about avoiding fines. Its a culture of improving the quality of life and saving the lives of workers.

There are tons of 
jobs that can be deadly. We know. We've seen 'em all. Dave's advice can keep you in compliance and out of trouble. He knows industrial safety doesn’t stop at some minimum requirement.

He’s committed to taking it the extra mile—keeping workers safe through up-to-date safety information and equipment tips that get the job done right.


What are you waiting for?

Your job isn’t easy and sometimes it's downright dangerous. You're going to have questions, and we have answers.

Subscribe to the podcast for stories and information that will do a lot more than save you time, they could save a life!



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