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Safety: It's Your Life,
It's Our Business.

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I transitioned all safety supplies to Quad City Safety for an average of 34% savings from previous vendors used. Quad City Safety supports Clipper’s safety needs 100%. They have visited windfarm sites and did safety audits and made valuable recommendations.
Deb Krohn / Supply Chain Leader, Clipper Windpower, Inc
Quad City Safety has been there to assist us whenever we have called upon. This has included the normal type of PPE issues that any safety professional deals with but also unique “one off” ones as well. I would just like to thank you for the support you have provided. and keep up the great work!
Dave Pearson / IFCo HSE Director, OCI Iowa Fertilizer
... thank you for all the help that, Quad City Safety Supply has given to myself and URS. You have beat other venders cost, supplied us with quality PPE that the employees actually enjoy wearing; more importantly you have gone above and beyond your legal obligation to get the product to us, even if you had to drive and pick the order up yourself (which has happened on several occasions).
John W. Clardy / Senior Safety/Training Manager, URS
Thank you Quad City Safety for the second to none service I have been fortunate enough to enjoy at the Iowa fertilizer Project in Wever, Iowa. In the 18 years I've been in the industry the level of service, quality of products, diversity of products, price and willingness to find a solution to overcome any obstacle is truly top shelf.
Nick Anderson / Project Safety Manager, The Weitz Company
QC Safety has been a great long-term partner for me in the field, I have a question and they get it answered- often with a letter or engineered docs. Nothing worse than sitting in the field without answers.
Skipp Jacobson / Senior Safety Inspector , IHI

About Us

Quad City Safety was founded in 1968 and has been in the safety industry for nearly 50 years! This means that we've had plenty of time to perfect our knowledge of safety equipment and standards.

We've dealt with nearly every situation you could imagine, from a variety of clients in the industry, so when you choose Quad City Safety, you choose a team of experts that you can trust to get the job done right.

You and your workers put a tremendous amount of energy into every job and we know that this involves a lot of risk as well.
Here at Quad City Safety, we stay up to date with safety codes and standards so that you can rest easy knowing that we will equip you with the best products on the market to keep your workers safe!

Our Customer Bill of Rights

  • The Customer is our Employer.
  • The Customer can rely on All of us.
  • The Customer gets an answer within a day.
  • The Customer is sure they are understood by Us.
  • The Customers expectations are exceeded.
  • The Customer can contact us at any time.
  • The Customer is offered cost saving solutions.
  • The Customer's criticism helps us improve.
  • We are proud to have this Customer as a Customer.
  • The Customer remains OUR Customer.

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