Tips on Choosing Eye & Face Protection: Industrial Hazards & Solutions

Do you wear eye and face protection at work? You’ve been doing the job for so long without having an accident, you may think it’s unnecessary. But if you work with dust, dirt, chemicals or flying projectiles, you’ve got another thing coming. Wearing safety glasses or goggles isn’t just for ... Read More

Choosing The Right Flashlight: The Illuminating Truth: Bacon's Safety Tip

Let there be light! Unless you prefer bumbling around in the dark, good lighting on the job is a no-brainer. Of course, that’s easier said than done when working on a remote jobsite. When you don’t have access to wired area lighting, you’ll need to consider remote options that run off batteries.  ... Read More

When Nature Calls: What’s your facility’s emergency plan?: Bacon's Safety Tip

Are you confident you have everything in place for a weather emergency? Things like a disaster plan, proper signage, clearly defined evacuation routes and first aid? Are you positive you and your crew will be safe before, during and after the storm? Take a walk around your facility and think about ... Read More

DANGER Objects at Height: Fall Protection for Dropped Objects

Let’s just say your fall protection program is on point.   At least, it could be if you’ve been following all the blogs and FAQ pages we’ve lovingly handcrafted for you. You’ve spent the time to follow regulations and you’ve upped the ante by choosing to go beyond compliance. Your crew is outfitted ... Read More