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Respirator Safety in 5 Easy Steps: Bacon's Safety Tip

Jul 19, 2017 12:03:00 PM / by Quad City Safety

Bacon is pretty good in the kitchen. He likes to flex his culinary muscles from time to time…he’s definitely got the chops. Anyway… he’s also pretty smart when it comes to safety, so he wanted to share an easy recipe on choosing the right respiratory protection.

He’s sick of seeing his buddies getting sick or hurt on the job. Whether they are working in a factory, warehouse, in construction or in a paint booth, workers need the right equipment to stay safe. So he make a fool proof recipe to make sure everyone is wearing right respirator. 

Check out Bacon's easy to follow recipe for respirator safety!

Bacon's Safety Tips Respirator Safety: Healthy Ready to Breathe Lungs in 5 Easy Steps


So, there you have it. A dash of risk assessment mixed with a splash of the right protection makes for a nice set of healthy lungs. Save workers lives and your bottom line simply by providing the right tools for job. Good employees are hard to find—make sure you get to keep yours around for a long, long time.

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