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Lockout Tagout Failures: When Shortcuts Could Kill

Feb 16, 2017 4:06:45 PM / by Quad City Safety

Man standing in front of pipes securing a lockout tag to a valve

Understanding a 1600 page document of updates to the Lockout Tagout (LOTO) standard (ANSI/ISEA Z244.1-2003) is a lot for anyone to handle, especially when that isn’t the only safety concern that you face in your industry. That’s why we are here to help make difficult-to-follow standards a little more manageable; ensuring that you have the right energy control systems for your workers, while staying in compliance.

And that’s important because LOTO citations by OSHA ranks as the No# 1 most cited regulation for manufacturers! And the numbers keep increasing because OSHA isn’t negotiating anymore. Comply or pay is the new motto! If you don’t start playing by the rules, you better get out your wallet!

Common workplace injuries from failure to use LOTO

Injury/death:120 fatalities & 50,000 injuries are prevented every year by LOTO programs! 

So, do you think it doesn't happen in your facility? Chances are it happens more than you would believe. And it usually isn't intentional, it could be as simple as miscommunication or a worker not really understanding the dangers of not controlling energy, from arc flash to injury from unexpected release of energy. Taking shortcuts and not being informed of the dangers on a job site will usually end in catastrophe. Make sure that the right worksite lockouts procedures are being used every time, and this means maintenance safety as well. 

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Review your LOTO Program and Avoid these Fatal Five LOTO Mistakes

  1. Failure to stop equipment
  2. Failure to disconnect from power source
  3. Failure to neutralize residual energy
  4. Accidental restarting of equipment
  5. Failure to clear work areas before restarting

Not familiar with the process of controlling energy of power sources? Here are some examples of common solutions to your energy control needs

  • STOPOUT®StopPlug Plug Lockout: Prevents unauthorized and accidental plug-in of power cords that lead to equipment and machinery. Easy to use and tamper-resistant, this device completely encloses the plug and renders the plug unusable

  • Latch Tight™ Portable Group Lock Box: This device allows each authorized employee to lock their own personal safety lock onto the box, removing them only when their work is complete. Keys cannot be accessed until all locks are removed
  • Lockout Tags: Prevent accidental or unexpected start up or release of energy while working on equipment or machinery with OSHA compliant tags

If the standard is positioned to actually save companies money, why are some companies resistant?

There is a chain of events that eventually lead to safety compliance. First, a company takes the risk and doesn’t comply fully with LOTO standards. A worker gets seriously hurt. Company then does the bare minimum to get OSHA off their back. After court fees, litigation, paying a hefty settlement to the injured party, dealing with raised insurance costs and other associated fees, the grand total then far exceeds the insurance coverage they had and now the company is deeply in debt. Quite possibly, that company may never recover.

Think about it, would you need to see a person killed or another company struggle to recover from tragedy more than once before you made sure you have a money saving LOTO program in place? Make sure your program is up to date and IN USE today before its too late!

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