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Group and Transfer Lockout, Don’t go home crispy!: Bacon’s Safety Tip

Apr 18, 2017 9:50:00 AM / by Quad City Safety

Nothing scares Bacon more than being burnt to a crisp. Check out these safety tips for group and transfer lockout!

When it comes to Lockout Tagout, there isn’t room for error. Make sure your facility has an energy control program and use it…every time! From the biggest manufacturing plants to the carpenter down the street, using energy control systems saves lives.

Bacon’s Safety Tips Group and Transfer LOTO.


LOTO programs save about 250,000 incidents from happening including 50,000 injuries, 8,000 amputations and 120 fatalities every year! It’s your crew and your livelihood on the line. When you combine dangerous equipment, live energy and lots of people coming and going, you better be sure you have a LOTO program in place. Provide detailed instruction on group lockout and transfer LOTO.

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It’s not something you leave to chance. When you think your LOTO game is on point, check it again. And make sure your workers understand the only way it will keep them safe, is to use the right controls every time.  


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