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5 Steps to Keeping Your Respiratory Protection in Better Shape than You: Bacon's Safety Tip

Jun 21, 2017 12:57:00 PM / by Quad City Safety

Want to know a few ways to keep your respirator in good shape? 

If you work in an environment that causes you to need to wear a respirator, then you need to know everything about that respirator in order to stay safe. Your lungs depend on it. From wearing the right respirator for the job to regular fit testing and cleaning and maintenance, there is a lot to consider about your respiratory protection.

Let’s review a few easy steps to make sure you take care of your respirator's hygiene:

 Bacon's Safety Tips 5 Steps to Keeping Your Respirator in Better Shape than You are 1. Remove filters and cartridges. Jumping in the shower with your boots on makes no sense either. Make sure you didn't miss this step or you may as well toss your equipment out. Cartridges can't be cleaned; they can be reused or replaces. 2. Don't clean with solvents: Use a mild detergent with disinfectant and warm water, rinse and air dry. Respirators require cleaning. And not the slap on some deoderant and cologne kind of cleaning you do before your in-laws come over. You can use disposable wipes for in-between uses; just make sure they don't contain alcohol. Save the alcohol for when your mother-in-law gives her opinion on your marriage. 3. Store away from dust, sunlight, heat, extreme cold, moisture, chemicals or exhaust. Kind of like what your mom told you: stay out of the sun, put a jacket on and stay out of places that are gonna get you in trouble. When you aren't using the respirator, make sure you remove the cartridge and store it in a sealed bag. Mom would be proud. 4. Change out schedule: Change your cartridges according to manufacturer's instructions. Have a change out schedule in place based on the contaminants you are working with, the concentration, frequency, and legth of use, the temperature and humidity of the workplace, and any chemicals that could interfere with the life of the cartridge. Your lucky game day jersey may show signs of wear; your respirator cartridge should not. 5. Inspect, record and test.  Like going to the doctor for check-ups, it's important to inspect your equipment and make sure everything is in working order and free from damage. Some things to inspect include: facepiece, head straps, valves, cartridges, hose diaphragms, batteries, supplied air hoses, quick connects. Keep track of inspections and medical evaluations and test equipment regularly.

 confined space calibration and bump testing video

If you need to wear a respirator to do your job, you better make sure its doings its job. Breathe easier by following these easy steps to respirator maintenance, Always check with the manufacturer for additional info.

Keep in mind OSHA has specific instructions for estimating organic vapor change outs. For more guidance on your respirator needs and other life advice from Bacon, just click on the HELP ME button.

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 Do you have any stories about what happens when respirator care goes unchecked? Let us know in the comments below!


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