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Choosing the right cut-resistant gloves can't be half baked: Bacon’s Safety Tip

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to choosing the right hand protection, so make sure you wear the glove meant for the job. A cut glove alone may protect against a cut or abrasion, but if you are also working with chemicals or electricity, you need extra protection! You think a glove made for ... Read More

Choosing Cut-Resistant Gloves: Keep Your Fingers On Your Hands!

Why are workers still getting hurt even when wearing safety gloves? There have been a ton of advancements in hand protection over the years. Gloves have become more comfortable, more flexible and more durable than ever. So, why are hand injuries the 2nd leading cause of injuries at work? Why are ... Read More

Matching Safety Gloves to Cut Risk: Bacon's Safety Tip

Are you choosing the right cut resistant gloves for the job? Bacon the Pig, our safety mascot, wants to make sure you understand how to match the safety gloves you need with the cut hazard of the job! Check out this handy chart from the safety swine himself!!  Edge sharpness and force exposure are ... Read More

Easy, Foolproof Guide to Selecting the Right Safety Gloves

Need gloves?  Well, if you work with your hands, there is a good chance you are going to need a pair of gloves or two. Should be simple enough, right? Jump online, buy some bulk at a good price. Done deal. Yeah. Sure. That's certainly one way to do it. Providing you have absolutely no concern about ... Read More

You know the risks, so wear the darn safety glove: Bacon's Safety Tip

Hand protection like doesn't belong in your toolbox. You work with dangerous material and equipment, you better have your safety gloves on your hands...where they should be.  Did you know that the average cost of a single hand injury can range between $22-30 thousand dollars? Don’t take chances ... Read More

Hand Protection: Know Your Cut Risk Hazard Before You Buy

  Failure to use the right safety glove is the second leading cause of workplace injuries. So, it only makes sense that safety managers understand the different kinds of hand protection that is available. Were you aware that the average cost of a single hand injury can range between $22-30 thousand ... Read More

Cut Resistant Gloves: Exceeding Compliance and Safety Standards

When you think safety, does bare minimum come to mind? Choosing the right PPE for your company and workers may sound cut and dry. Take a quick look at compliance standards, choose what suits your needs and make your purchase. Right? Wrong. When people talk about safety standards, most think that ... Read More