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Do your safety glasses have the right lenses for the job?: Bacon's Safety Tip

What eye protection lenses are you relying for protection? More than 700,000 U.S. workers injure their eyes on the job every year! Come on. That number is ridiculous, especially when there’s eye protection out there for virtually every task. If you aren’t sure what kind of lens you need to provide, ... Read More

How to Choose the Right Safety Eye Wear: Bacon's Safety Tip

Evaluate the risk factors and choose the right safety eye wear! Let’s talk about those eyes. Eye injuries happen on the job somewhere close to the tune of 2,000 incidents a day in the U.S. And guess what, 40% of workers who had an eye injury at work were wearing eye protection! Well, that’s just ... Read More

Choosing the right cut-resistant gloves can't be half baked: Bacon’s Safety Tip

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to choosing the right hand protection, so make sure you wear the glove meant for the job. A cut glove alone may protect against a cut or abrasion, but if you are also working with chemicals or electricity, you need extra protection! You think a glove made for ... Read More

Matching Safety Gloves to Cut Risk: Bacon's Safety Tip

Are you choosing the right cut resistant gloves for the job? Bacon the Pig, our safety mascot, wants to make sure you understand how to match the safety gloves you need with the cut hazard of the job! Check out this handy chart from the safety swine himself!!  Edge sharpness and force exposure are ... Read More

Rescue & Fall Protection...know your ABCDs: Bacon's Safety Tip

What You Need to Know about Fall Protection Often, rescue is overlooked when it comes to considering Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS). That's a little insane, don't you think? Now, might be a good time to remind you of the ABCD's of Fall Protection! And, never forget about a pesky little thing ... Read More