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Rescue Me: What You Need To Know About Fall Protection

  A while back, we shared some important information on the importance of fall protection (ANSI Z359) and what we really need to know. You may remember the ABCD’s of Fall Protection. If not, here's a quick review:   Fall Protection Basics Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS) are made up of 4 major ... Read More

Fire-Resistant Protective Clothing: The Good, the Bad and the Unsaid

In a previous post, we talked about different applications for fire-resistant (FR) clothing. Work environments that have a risk of explosions, radiant heat or hazards such as liquid, chemicals, dust or particulates are the most common situations that require a particular form of FR protective wear. ... Read More

Fire-Resistant Clothing: Arc Flash and Flash Fire Basics

Along with advances in technology and development has come an increase in situations where workers are exposed to electrical hazards—some of which you wouldn’t even think of and are often overlooked. In order to protect your people, you need to know what the hazards are and what kind of protective ... Read More

Why Risk Assessment and Fall Protection Training is So Important

  Fall protection ranks as one of the most frequently violated OSHA standards with nearly $20 million in citations as of 2014. And even more disturbing, the leading cause of worker deaths on construction sites was falling on the job. Protecting workers from potential falls is serious business. In ... Read More

Cut Resistant Gloves: Exceeding Compliance and Safety Standards

When you think safety, does bare minimum come to mind? Choosing the right PPE for your company and workers may sound cut and dry. Take a quick look at compliance standards, choose what suits your needs and make your purchase. Right? Wrong. When people talk about safety standards, most think that ... Read More