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Do you know what your safety glasses are protecting you from?: Bacon's Safety Tip

Aug 15, 2017 12:20:09 PM / by Quad City Safety

There are two important things Bacon wants you to remember about eye safety at work:

  1. You need to wear eye protection if there is a chance for injury
  2. You need to wear the right protection!

You think this is common sense, think again. You might just fall out of your seat when you hear the stats on this one. Just about 2,000 workplace eye injuries occur every day. Those injuries cost around $300 million a year in lost production, medical bills and workers’ compensation. Check this out—90% were preventable, if workers wore the right safety eyewear! Remember Bacon's tips on selecting the right safety eyewear the next time you choose glasses or goggles. 

Bacon's Safety Tip Eye Protection Facts

Don’t be a statistic.

All you need to do is factor in the risks of the job and choose eye protection that is comfortable, durable, fits properly and protects you. You aren’t going to find protection in a bin of economy safety glasses. Every tool you have has a specific job to do, your safety equipment is even more important. Would you use a belt saw to do the job of a hacksaw? Think not. 


worker eye protection safety video


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