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Choosing the right cut-resistant gloves can't be half baked: Bacon’s Safety Tip

Apr 18, 2017 1:48:00 PM / by Quad City Safety

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to choosing the right hand protection, so make sure you wear the glove meant for the job.

A cut glove alone may protect against a cut or abrasion, but if you are also working with chemicals or electricity, you need extra protection! You think a glove made for arc flash is going to protect you against shock, you got another thing coming. Let’s grab some mitts and cook up the perfect pair of safety gloves!


Here's how to choose the right cut-resistant gloves!

 Bacon Safety Tips Choosing the Perfect Glove


Still need some advice? Check out this quick video for even more help choosing your next cut glove!


Watch Safety Gloves Video NOW


Remember that every application has its own hazards and the amount of protection you
need for different hazards varies on the job. You may need a pinch of cold protection and a full cup of cut-resistance. Or you may find that you need a teaspoon of puncture
resistance and a pound of bio-hazard protection. Choosing the right cut-resistant gloves means you have to look at every risk and plan ahead. Every time!

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