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Gas Detection Devices: Don’t drive a minivan when you need a racecar (Safety Tales Podcast S3)

*Podcasts may contain explicit material* Today, the Quad City Safety guys are delivering the goods on gas detection devices — what they do and why you need them. Join Dave White and Fred Radunzel as they discuss everything from their musical prowess (or lack thereof) to why confined spaces aren’t ... Read More

Tool Tethers & Dropped Objects: Rope and Duct Tape Don’t Cut It (Safety Tales Podcast S3 Episode 10)

*Podcasts may contain explicit material* Dropped object prevention. That’s what the Quad City Safety guys are talking about this week. Join Dave White and Fred Radunzel as they speak to Craig Myhre, Regional Sales Manager at Ergodyne®, on recent changes in tool tethering solutions and guidelines.   ... Read More

Job Site Rescue Plans: The difference between life and death (Safety Tales Podcast S3 Episode 9)

*Podcasts may contain explicit material* When it comes to safety on the job, don’t overlook the importance of having a rescue plan in place. Being prepared in the event of an accident can mean the difference between someone sustaining a minor injury or someone not making it home at all. Quad City ... Read More

What’s Your Facility’s Emergency Plan? (Safety Tales Podcast S3 Episode 8)

*Podcasts may contain explicit material* It’s time to dig your plan out of the drawer, dust it off and review. The Quad City Safety boys are back at it again, this time with a little back and forth on emergency planning.  Listen in to today’s episode of Dave & Bacon’s Safety Tales for some ... Read More

Disposable Clothing: Good For More Than Keeping You Clean (Safety Tales Podcast S3 Episode 7)

*Podcasts may contain explicit material* Today, the Quad City Safety guys come to you right after celebrating America’s birthday. Happy Fourth of July! Fun times were had by all, but there may be a tension between our cast. Why you ask? Well, it seems ol’ Dave here got a big lesson on burn injuries ... Read More

Proactive VS Reactive: Reassess Your Safety Program Regularly (Safety Tales Podcast S3 Episode 6)

*Podcasts may contain explicit material* Today, Dave White confuses the heck out of Fred Radunzel with tales of Stonehenge as it relates to equinox and solstices. Though it may not relate to today’s topic, (at all) it’s still  fun to hear Dave go full-on nerd about something else he’s passionate ... Read More

When I Shoulda Wore A Respirator: A Trip Down Memory Lane (Safety Tales Podcast S3 Episode 4)

*Podcasts may contain explicit material* Think back for a minute about those wild and crazy times of your youth. Heck, maybe it was just yesterday. Whether you spent summers bailing hay like ol’ Dave here. Or, you tried to tackle your flooded basement like our buddy Fred. There’s bound to be a tale ... Read More

Launching our new boots only website! (Safety Tales Podcast S3 Episode 3)

*Podcasts may contain explicit material* The guys are a little excited about today’s show. See, they decided to up the ante and make safety more accessible to workers everywhere. Why? Because that’s just the kind of guys they are. Today on Dave and Bacon’s Safety Tales, Dave and Fred unveil their ... Read More

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