Gravity ain’t your friend: Safety Tales Podcast Episode 16

*Podcasts may contain explicit material* Batman didn’t have super powers, he just had some bada** tools. Remember ol’ Alfred? He used to serve up all those cool devices and save Batman’s behind over and over again. Quad City Safety’s kind of like Alfred. We’re here to save your a**. Listen in to ... Read More

How to Choose the Right Fall Protection...and make your kid’s next t-ball game

  It’s no big surprise that falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. Almost 40% of deaths in this industry are due to falls. It’s also one of the biggest things companies get cited for… every single year. You don’t get a second chance in safety, so make sure you provide ... Read More

Clearing Up the Facts about Leading Edge Applications: Bacon's Safety Tip

Bacon doesn't want you to go crazy about Leading Edge Fall Protection! Bacon The Pig, our safety mascot, is here to make sure your crew is using the right equipment for the job! Here are a few quick, but important tips to remember about self-retracting lifelines with leading edge capability. Things ... Read More

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