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Gas Detection Devices: Don’t drive a minivan when you need a racecar (Safety Tales Podcast S3)

*Podcasts may contain explicit material* Today, the Quad City Safety guys are delivering the goods on gas detection devices — what they do and why you need them. Join Dave White and Fred Radunzel as they discuss everything from their musical prowess (or lack thereof) to why confined spaces aren’t ... Read More

Avoid the Boom with Gas Calibration (and other good advice): Safety Tales Podcast Episode 8

*Podcasts may contain explicit material* Nobody wants to deal with stink at work. Today’s Dave & Bacon’s Safety Tales topic is about dealing with gas. And, not just the kind that sneaks up on you after a lunch break!  Gas detection is especially important when working in confined spaces. But, no ... Read More

Confined Spaces: What are they and why are they so dangerous?

Confined spaces kill more often than you think, especially in the construction industry. So, it just makes sense to ask why more time isn’t spent identifying confined spaces and training workers to avoid them. The last thing you want is a worker oblivious to the dangers that surround them every ... Read More

Gas Monitor Calibration: Stop Sending Workers to the Pits of Hell

  Why the hell should we care about calibrating a gas detection device? Nothing fires up a safety guy more than hearing stories about people dying because of a stupid mistake. In 2015, 136 U.S. workers died from confined space related accidents! When someone dies because of an oversight, someone’s ... Read More

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