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Respirator Fit Testing Guide: Bacon's Safety Tip

Jan 17, 2017 11:00:00 AM / by Quad City Safety

Know Your Respirator Fit Test Basics!

Bacon wants to remind you of what he thinks is one of the Top 10 Useless Things to Do: Wear a respirator that doesn’t fit!

Make sure you know the facts about proper respirator fit. Check out this infographic featuring Bacon the Pig, our safety mascot, as he outlines the importance of regular respirator fit testing. 

Bacon’s Safety Tips Fit Testing Basics. Finding the right respirator.


Are your workers wearing the right respirators? 

Providing the right PPE to your workers not only makes sure they are protected, but can save you thousands in loss production, medical costs and workers' comp. Make sure your workers are properly tested at least every 12 months. Use these tips on your next respirator fit tests and help your crew breathe easier. 

For some more guidance on selecting the right safety equipment for your needs, contact us to schedule your PPE Evaluation.


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